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Rabbit and Herb Sauce

Davide Palluda

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The piedmontese rabbit stands out for its gentleness, tenderness and savouriness of the meat. It’s the secret ingredient of this piedmontese fresh and light ragù sauce.


Rabbit 55%, tomato 20%, vegetable broth, extravirgin olive oil, vegetables in variable proportion (carrots, celery, onion) 10%, vegetable broth, garlic, white wine, cornstarch, salt, aromatic herb (thyme, parsley, marjoram) 2%.

Ideal with egg pasta, to complete a parmesan risotto or with a soft polenta. Revive at moderate heat adding 3 spoons of water and a bit of extravirgin olive oil ad lib.
Place of manufacturing
Canale (Cuneo)
Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep refrigerated.
Glass jar 180g.