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Reserve "Botti da Madeira" Grappa

Grappa Sibona

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This special Reserve grappa of Moscato and other Piedmontese grape-skins already matured, for a long period (2years), in oak barrels, follows a further 24 months in wooden-barrels, bought from the Island of Madeira, and which have already been used, previously for "Madeira" from the most prestigious canteens.

The particular refinement in the Madeira barrels, already used for Whiskey, we have experimented in a new way for the Grappa with exceptional results from a quality point of view. 

The fragrance is round and fruity and the taste is rich and elegant with a flowery after-taste, which re-calls that of the Madeira already contained previously in these barrels.


Distillation of the marc of Moscato already mature.

For moments of meditation.
Place of manufacturing
Piobesi d'Alba(CN)
Particularly aging in barrels of Madeira for several months, already used in Whiskey, purchased in Portugal.
Pale yellow.
Service Temperature
Serve at 9 - 13 ° C.
44% vol.
Glass bottle 500 ml.