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Acquerello Rice (1year maturation) - 250g

Riso Acquerello

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Acquerello is a brand of Carnaroli extra-fine rice which is grown and packed by the Rondolino Family in their farm “Tenuta Colombara” surrounded by paddy fields in the main rice production area in Piedmont, near the city of Vercelli. Matured 1 year - 250g.


Carnaroli rice.

It’s simply perfect because the grains are larger, always fluffy and separated after cooking. The grains will not split or become mushy during the cooking process and will retain their proteins and vitamins. As a result, your risotto will always be creamy and full of flavour. Try it with all your favourite recipes, it will never disappoint you.
Place of manufacturing
Livorno Ferraris (VC).
Store in a cool place, always close the can with the lid.
Vacuum packed can - 250g
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selezione Chef Bongiovanni
Made in Italy