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Acquerello Rice (1year maturation) - 1kg

Riso Acquerello

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In order to preserve the characteristics of this product, it is sold in a vacuum-packed can. This rice is processed and packed entirely in the farm, in respect of nature and of the surrounding environment. By resting at a cooled temperature in a special environment the rice grain tends to dehydrate: as a result it releases less proteins and vitamins in the cooking water, and absorbs the condiment more easily. Matured 1 year, 1 kg can.


Carnaroli rice with the germ.

It’s simply perfect because the grains are larger, always fluffy and separated after cooking. Your risotto will be creamy and full of flavour. Try it with all your favourite recipes, it will never disappoint you.
Place of manufacturing
Livorno Ferraris (VC)
Store in a cool place, always close the can with the lid.
Vacuum packed can - 1 kg