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Wild Red Intergral Rice- 1kg

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The Wild Red Rice is an intergral rice which came about naturally with different varieties, which also determine its colour ruby-red.

As with every intergral rice the cooking has to be long and slow, but the grains will never be gluey.

Thanks to its delightful and intense fragrance and its peculiar colour, also for its nutritious values and high digerilibity it is ideal for children and sportives diets and also for high-class cooking, especially with fish.


Brown Rice Wild Red.

Eccezionale con i sughi di pesce; come primo piatto si distingue per la delicatezza. Si adatta alla perfezione nella preparazione minestre, timballi, contorni e insalate.
Place of manufacturing
Lignana (Vercelli).
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Bag 1kg.
Gluten free
Gluten free