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Roero Valmaggiore 2011 D.O.C.G. Riserva

Cascina Chicco

Disponibilità immediata

15,90 €


Variety of vine: 100% Nebbiolo

Vineyard position: Subzone of Valmaggiore in Vezza d’Alba, Piedmont. Valmaggiore is a known and celebrated zone for the quality of its Nebbiolos. Christina of France and Philip of Agliè were already utilizing the area for vineyard cultivation in 1640. Position is southwest, and the average age of the vineyards in 30 years.

Soil: Sandy

Date of harvest: Beginning of October

Yield per hectare: 40 hl

Wine-making: To have the highest quality of grapes during harvest, we thin the vines at two different times (beginning and late August), guaranteeing an average production of 1.8 kg per vine.  The grapes are shaded from their exceptional exposure to the sun by their leaves, effectively halting the drying that such strong heat would provoke. The harvest is carried out in two periods with one week in between. Fermentation begins in steel for 10-15 days, while maceration can last longer than 30 days, after which the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation for 16-18 months in wooden barrels. The wine is then transferred to stainless steel and bottled in August. It ages for a year in the bottle, then put on the market, three years after harvest.

Tasting notes:  Our Roero Valmaggiore has a rich and immediate profume with hints of violet, raspberry, and blackberry, and elegant touches of spice. It is rich and well-structured in the mouth, beginning with sensations of violet and cacao and ending in the powerful tannins that carry on its taste perceptions for a long finish.

Recommended serving temperature: Best served at 17-18° C.

Dishes: Excellent with roasted, braised, and crockpot meat, game, and cheeses.
La vendemmia in questo vigneto viene effettuata in due passaggi distanziati di una settimana, vengono utilizzate casse forate di circa 18-20 kg per tutelare nel miglior modo possibile l’integrità dell’uva fino alla pigiatura. La macerazione avviene in fermentini in acciaio, nei quali si può regolare la temperatura di fermentazione, e dura all’incirca una settimana. In seguito il vino sosta in carati (in parte nuovi ed in parte già usati), nei quali avviene la malolattica, per 16 mesi, prima di essere nuovamente assemblato in vasche di acciaio. Viene imbottigliato nel mese di agosto e messo in commercio, dopo un anno di bottiglia, tre anni dopo la vendemmia.
Place of manufacturing
Vezza d'Alba (Cuneo)
Service Temperature
17-18° C
14 %
75 cl