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Salami without spices

Agrisalumeria Luiset

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Agrisalumeria Luiset's Salami without Spices is prepared according to a family recipe and only with noble cuts of the pig. The product obtained is a sausage in natural casing, slowly matured, soft to the touch and pleasant to the palate. To avoid affecting the flavor of meat with spices, only a pinch of Provencal herbs and acacia honey is added to the mixture of this salami.

Bring to room temperature at least an hour before, hand-sliced ​​and eaten naturally, or accompany with a slice of homemade bread. The result is surprising, very sweet and very delicate, ideal for children.
A soft and sweet product, it touch pleasing to the palate.
Place of manufacturing
Ferrere d'Asti (AT)
Maximum storage temperature of + 4 ° C.
Vacuum pack of 180g.
Service Temperature
Serve at room temperature.

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