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Frutta secca sgusciata in miele d'acacia 360g View larger

Shelled nuts in acacia honey

Davide Palluda

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A selection of the best nuts dipped in an acacia honey bath. Davide Palluda revises the recipe and the manufacturing techniques of the piedmontese tradition looking for the freshness and the gentleness of the flavours, unique trademark of his production.


Italian acacia honey 61%, nuts in variable proportion (walnuts, shelled and toasted hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds) 38%, natural aromas.

Ideally paired with fresh cheeses, bovine and goat cheeses, to sweeten natural yogurt or to garnish vanilla ice cream or to be simply enjoyed on a slice of warm and fragrant bread.
Place of manufacturing
Canale (Cuneo)
Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep at room temperature.
Glass jar 360g.

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