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Società del Karitè

Società del Karitè

A great journey always starts with a small step!

In the seventies, Giuseppe Beccio could not have imagined that a trip to Africa would change his life. The use that Africans make of the Butyrospermum parkii plant, of the Sapotaceae family - this is the scientific name of the Karité plant - amazes it as never before: the butter obtained from this plant has extraordinary emollient and nourishing characteristics.

In 1977, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills of Giuseppe Bencio, "La Società del Karité" was born in Turin, the first in our country to offer this natural ally for the care and beauty of the skin. The company continues to grow and expand its offer with perfumes, fragrances, sunscreens, cosmetics, everything always starting from natural and precious ingredients!