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Organic Turanici Spaghetti 500g

Pasta Mancini

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Turanic wheat belongs to the group of durum wheat, it originates from the north-east of Iran, widespread in the Mediterranean basin and also in Italy, has been forgotten in modern times and the Mancini Agricultural Company, in collaboration with Oriana Porfiri, have restored a production chain from seed to pasta.

The result are organic Turanici Spaghetti from Pasta Mancini, with the color of the earth and the strong smell of wheat being cooked. From the qualitative studies it has emerged a very interesting aspect about the peculiarities of gluten: not very tenacious, therefore easily digestible.


Durum wheat semolina pasta, water.

Ideal condiments can be our meat sauces, in particular wild boar, or a simple sauce like tomato sauce.
Place of manufacturing
Monte San Pietrangeli (FM)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Recommended use
Cooking time is approximately 8-10 minutes. Due to the delicacy of its structure, it is recommended a quick passage in the pan during creaming to maintain consistency and taste.
Made in Italy

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