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Tenuta del Roero

Tenuta del Roero

The Tenuta del Roero farm in its 70 hectares produces sativa hemp, oleic sunflower and eye bean.

In Baldissero d'Alba the Ruata brothers have bet on hemp and the oil produced with cold pressing from its seeds. The virgin hemp seed oil, with a light consistency and a flavor similar to that of hazelnuts, is used cold, both to flavor soups and salads and in summer dishes such as vegetable creams.

The oleic sunflower is extracted from the oleic sunflower which promotes greater stability to the fries and is a valid alternative to palm oil. Finally the bean of the old eye variety already known and cultivated in Roman times. The production plants are technologically advanced, and a self-control system based on the HACCP method has been adopted in order to guarantee the whole process in terms of safety and hygiene.