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Truffle Chips 45g


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Truffle chips by Tartuflanghe, the new way of tasting chips. The highest quality potatoes, exclusively fried in olive oil and sunfloweroil, giving the chips unique features of crispy and perfectgold color, and gently seasoned with real truffle for superior taste. Thanks to their thickness Truffle chips can be dipped in to sauces or used for plenty of versions of finger foods and tapas.


Potatoes, sunflower oil, olive oil, summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) Freeze-dried 0.45% (2.25% of fresh truffles), salt, flavor. The product does not contain allergens. 

Crunchy and thick, Truffle Chips are perfect to be enjoyed alone as well as for inventing new versions of finger foods, tapas or to be crumbled on salads.
Pale yellow.
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.
Box of 45 g.
Gluten free
Gluten free
Made in Italy

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