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The Ursini family, since the 1800’s have always had the best Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil of Abruzzo processed in all its forms.

The Ursini family, in the 1800’s were already considered one of the expert families in the cultivation of in Abruzzo. People asked for their consultation as regarding the care of the Olive- trees, regarding them as being really skilled in this spere. For this reason the company Ursini is first a family, a group of cultivators of olive-trees and their fruit, with the destiny already written by the nicknamed “Puti” which in dialect actually means “pruner of olive-trees”. 

Even today their experience has en-riched and grown in different ways, widening the range of products, processing the oils and the olives in different ways, thanks to the new creative innovation of the Ursini DNA: their product of war: Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil, unbeatable, used in all its forms and expressions and in many specialities of new flavours but surprisingly tied to tradition.

Ursini permits you to taste all year long, the freshness of the best raw materials.