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White Vermouth

Grappa Marolo

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The White Vermouth of Grappa Marolo is the symbol of the aperitif par excellence ... and it is an excellent aperitif!

Among small tables and art deco, the White Vermouth is born in the liberty cafés of the Savoy Turin, to meet the need of the "madamines" of the upper middle class to enjoy a special but delicate aperitif.

Unlike the Red Vermouth, protagonist of the coffee of the time, with a good alcohol content and masculine character, the White vermouth was softened: it lightened the color and married graceful aromas, preferring botanical infusions with a feminine stamp.

Domenico Ulrich White Vermouth is the perfect balance between sweetness and bitter notes, suitable both for mixing and for smooth consumption, with or without ice.

Fabulous with a shot of fresh lemon and decorated with citrus peel that enhances the floral notes.
Delicately fruity and spicy. Notes of elder, vanilla and rose.
Place of manufacturing
Alba (CN)
Straw yellow.
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Glass bottle
100% Piemonte DOC Cortese
75 cl
Made in Italy

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