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Umberto Vermouth

Grappa Marolo

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Vermouth Umberto is a vermouth for meditation and after a meal.

It is said that in 1786, the Savoys severed the production of Rosolio throughout the Kingdom of Sardinia: a bottle of Vermouth had arrived on their tables.

Dedicated by Domenico Ulrich to King Umberto I, of severe character and military virtue, it is revealed for its austere character, but incredibly drinkable, fascinating, for meditation or after a meal.

Full, vibrant, rich, it is distinguished by the bittering notes of china and hyssop. Uniqueness of Umberto is the refinement of botanicals: after extraction of the essences, the dyes remain 6 months in wood for aging, a technique that gives intense color and wonderful balsamic, roundness of body and velvety tannins.

To be enjoyed smooth or with dry pastries after a meal.
Fresh, spicy, enveloping and balsamic. China and hyssop notes.
Place of manufacturing
Alba (CN)
Dark amber.
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Glass bottle
100% Piemonte DOC Cortese
75 cl
Made in Italy

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