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White truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) - fresh

Disponibile in 3-5 giorni



The White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum) is absolutely the most sort after. From the point of view of gastronomony and that of cost, it is the most valuable and to be found in the area of Alba (Cuneo), and generally in all of Southern Piedmont, that i sto say: Langhe, Roero, Monferrato and the Monregalese.


It grows in a few centimetres or as deep as one metre in clay soil, towards the end of summer-autumn-winter near Poplar, Oak and Elm trees. In the period of harvesting the Truffle Fairs are famous, the oldest being that of the White Truffle Fair of Alba (Cn), and the International Truffle Asta held in the Grinzane Cavour Castle.

Never use with elaborate dishes, rich with herbs and oils and various sauces. To taste at its best therefore its ideal to generously shave over fried eggs, or over a Fontina cheese sauce (Fonduta) a (typical Piedmont cow-milk cheese), over egg-Tajarin (noodles) or white rice, or over the famous raw meat (minced by hand) a typical Piedmontese appetizer.Mai abbinarlo a piatti troppo elaborati, ricchi in condimenti e salse varie.
A global shape, irregular and velvety, brownish in colour
As soon as you receive the racket, open the box in which it is confectioned and put it in the fridge wrapped in kitchen-paper to be changed every two days, in a plastic-food container with an air-tight lid (a glass jar is not to be used as it forms humidity which makes the truffle ferment). In this way you can conserve for 15 days, but you must remember that day after day it will lose its quality. It is absolutely not to think of putting the truffle inside a glass jar containing rice, unless of course you cook a rice dish that day, otherwise the truffle will dis-hydrate.