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White wine vinegar- Hacerbis

Dogliotti 1870

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The white-wine vinegar Hacerbis is distinguished for its lightness and freshness. It has a strong pungent fragrance, pleasant with a slight acid taste, full-bodied. The Hacerbis vinegar is made only with the wines of the Langhe, known through-out the world for its excellent wines. It is a small vinegar-cellar formed by a group of wine producers, who guarantee the top-quality wines used in the production of the vinegar, they worry about keeping everything top-quality, in the transformation of the vinegar, keeping the same characteristics as the wine used at the beginning, in this way they obtain quality vinegar with unique tastes. The method of production is the oldest known, and consists in the slow fermentation (several years) in small wooden barrels.


White wine, sulphites (E220).

Ideal for everyday use in salads and main dishes, and the preparation of preserves.
Place of manufacturing
Treiso (Cuneo)
Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
Glass bottle of 50 cl.