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Wildflowers Honey 250g

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Produced in the valleys of Roero, the Wildflowers Honey is the results of the collection of different flowers’ nectars that color the landscape and the forest of the low Piedmont in June. Canine rose, bramble, wild sage, clover and ailanthus are just few of the plants which bloom at the beginning of the summer and give their intense aroma to this honey.  The unknown factor is the linden, that depending from season to season gives a more or less abundant perfume: in the most prosperous years the linden distinctly characterizes the aroma of the wildflowers honey with a slight but persistent mentholated vein. 

To be tasted at breakfast or as a dessert, spread on a biscuit or a slice of bread or as a perfect match to a cheese board.
Properties & Benefits
It is a natural anti-inflammatory for the throat and it is also known for its detoxifying properties in favor of the liver. When the linden is markedly present, the Wildflowers Honey gains a calming power as well, ideal for who suffers from anxiety or insomnia.
Place of manufacturing
Priocca (CN)
Keep in a cool dry place, away from light sources.
250g glass jar.