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Bellavista Franciacorta

Bellavista Franciacorta

Bellavista is always in forefront, its style is nonconformist and proactive. Nowadays like then it searches the essence of its character in the deepest roots of an extraordinary soil with unique geological and climatic characteristics. 

Avant-garde, anticconformism and initiative is what distinguishes the character of the Bellavista Franciacorta wines; Carefully studied both in the composition and in the image.

Since 1977 in Franciacorta, precisely in Erbusco in the province of Brescia, a new company was born, indeed it is transformed, the Bellavista. The entrepreneur Vittorio Moretti from some hectares of vineyards owned by the family, begins to buy many others always with particular attention to the location, which is very important for the success of quality wines. After this first step in 1978 he focused on the company’s image by patenting his own bottle, unique and recognizable to all. Last act of growth is the meeting with the oenologist Mattia Vezzola in 1981, who will enter immediately after.

From here on the company began a continuous growth both as sales and as a search for innovation for the creation of new sparkling wines, as the first Crèmant Franciacortino produced in 1984 called then Satèn, In fact, in 1990 the company Bellavista invented and registered the term Satèn, then sold to the consortium of protection, to date many companies associated with the consortium of protection have in their range of sparkling wines, Franciacorta Satèn.