Shopiemonte's corporate culture is oriented towards a very strong CSR. In addition to giving importance to the selection of top-quality gastronomic products, Shopiemonte combine its economic responsibility with social responsibility.



The shed where Shopiemonte's warehouse and offices are located, uses photovoltaic panels to support a Green Economy that is becoming increasingly widespread.


EDL - European Distribution Logistics, owner of the warehouse in question, made a great investment supporting respect for nature such as the separate collection and reuse of packaging and cartons for shipments, with the use of renewable energy.



Zero Waste: consciously consume food and energy!


Did you know that when we dispose of unused products, we are wasting energy? Throwing unsold food means aggravating the environmental impact of waste and producing more polluting emissions: to avoid it, we created the Zero Waste section.


Here you will find products that will expire in three months and that we propose you with a discount of up to 40%: it is an invitation to buy and consume them within this period.


Help us reduce waste, buy products with the Zero Waste stamp.



The collaboration with the Collina degli Elfi Onlus in Govone has lasted since 2015.


The Collina degli Elfi project consists of hosting families of children with cancer who have finished their treatments and begin their recovery journey. The goal is: to give moments of happiness, to regain lost childhood, to return to live the moments of everyday life.


To support this reality, Shopiemonte donates € 1 for each Christmas basket sold, and always with a view to avoiding waste, for products that expire within less than two months, it donates them to the structure that can be used shortly with the hosted families.