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Grappa Berta

Grappa Berta

Grappa Berta is now synonymous of excellence of an Italian tradition through-out the world.

In 1866, with the birth of Francesco Berta, began the four generations that brought to the creation of the modern distillery Berta di Roccavino, at Casalotto di Mombaruzzo. The quality of Berta's Grappa can be considered like a fil rouge that connects and bonds the four generations. After the first working experience as an Enologist in the wineries of the area, the idea of Paolo was to produce grappa and liquors, looking for an added value to the wine products of the family business. Step by step, the small distillery made famous its product abroad in special ceramic bottles and particular cut-crystal glass-bottles.

Besides the anonymous and tough market created by the industry of mass distribution, the Berta's family created an encounter between a friendly chain of people and a great grappa, a strong and gentle distillate, a taste of old tradition with a very modern interpretation rich of aromas, perfumes, sensations and inebriating finesse.

It is especially thanks to the uniqueness and passion of Berta's brothers that more and more foreign markets open up to the import of this product. Nowadays more than 60 countries import Berta's grappas.