Galup: the famous homemGalup: Panettone and Colombe handmade with IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts glaze, known all over the world!ade Panettone with IGP Piemonte Hazelnut icing. 

The story of Galup began in 1922, when Pietro Ferrua opened the Turin pastry shop by launching the recipe for a low panettone with IGP Piedmont hazelnuts glaze. A recipe that will gradually become more and more famous all over the world, until in 1937 it was awarded the patent of "supplier of the Royal House". After the Second World War, in 1948, he moved with his wife to a new and modern building, where Galup will greatly increase production by including doves and staff. In the 90's the decline began due to the strong economic crisis, but in 2013 a group of 4 young entrepreneurs decided to take over the historic and important company Galup.

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