Wolfrest Gin

Thanks to the love and passion for the Piedmont, a young couple from Montelupo Albese realized this amazing Gin, of soft and pleasant taste.

Valentina and Giovanni are a young couple from Alba. They have two very different jobs, but their love for the territory and for the food-and-wine connoisseurship have brought them to create a soft distillate. The seven botanic herbs picked in Umbria, Liguria and Piedmont are the same met by the Italian wolf in its journey from the middle Italy to Piedmont. The main character of this gin is surely the hazelnut of the Langhe area, that gives to it softness and roundness. This gin is so fine that is perfect also for the feminine customers; perfect for cocktails, but also if served pure at the end of the meal.

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34 € - 37 €
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