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Cascina Vèngore

Cascina Vèngore

A natural amphitheater in the heart of Terre Alfieri.

The Vengore valley opens scenically like a fan, a theater of nature, with slopes chosen for the cultivation of the vine favored by the perennial spring of Cucheirolo.

Formerly a Roman fundus, the historic farmhouse has three marble steps in the center, which, together with other finds from the Roman era, support two millennia of peasant traditions and wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

In the perfect silence of this natural amphitheater, each piece of land offers the ideal conditions for the growth of the Terre Alfieri grapes from sunrise to sunset.

In the small and protected valley over 60,000 new vines extend, planted in 2012 and in organic conversion since 2016: an area of ​​26 hectares, of which 16 are covered by new vineyards, 6 by lawn and 4 by woods in a dialogue between nature wild and man between Roero and Monferrato.

Here Daniele, Alessio and Luca work tirelessly, respecting the biodiversity and the natural rhythms of time and seasons and collecting all that nature gives them, from natural sources of water, to the woods, to the bunches that will turn into elegant and prestigious wines.

From the respect of the vegetable biodiversity of our land, the idea was born to dedicate a part of the area to the cultivation of ancient cereals such as monocoque spelled, the first cereal to have been cultivated by man.