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San Marzano DOP tomato grown by real Italian grandparents.

Gustarosso, trademark of the Dani Coop farm, follows the entire production process of the "San Marzano" starting from the seeds, from the supply of the seedlings to the producer members and ensuring them the agronomic technical assistance during the growth phase up to the harvest.

The consumer, therefore, must know that behind each jar of San Marzano tomato there is a complex organization, made up of farmers, technicians and controls on the raw material, which allow a complete traceability of the whole chain, also certified by Agroqualità recognized by MIPAF ( Ministry of Agriculture).

Entering a field of "ripe tomatoes" is a unique, unforgettable experience. We remain as stunned by the aromas that rise from the earth: the scent of freshly cut grass and spices that this tomato releases even when it is still green. These aromas, although less intense, are still felt in the canned product. Ancient scents that bring back to the times when salads smelled of tomato and salt and were not strange odorless and tasteless objects.

The highly fertile horticultural area that is mainly located around Naples and in the Agro Sarnese Noverino in the province of Salerno, until twenty years ago was cultivated almost exclusively in "San Marzano", a delicate tomato with a thin skin, which maintains its it also tastes with conservation, but must be handled with care.