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Apple Cider 25 cl Birrificio Baladin
A drink linked to the earth, to tradition and the quintessential biblical fruit, the fruit of sin… A link between the French-Belgian tradition and the typical apple juice of Piedmont, our cider is the product of the spontaneous fermentation of apples.
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Baladin Soft Drink Glass 6pz Birrificio Baladin
These Baladin soft drink glasses are born from a deep study aimed at intensifying all the flavours of the soft drinks created in the Baladin house.They are produced by a leading company in the sector and thanks to their particular shape, they are able to enhance every aroma and flavour of the drinks, preferably those of the Birrificio Baladin.

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Beer Americano Birrificio Baladin
Cocktail Beer Americano is brick red and pomegranate, clear and brilliant. The nose persists with spicy notes reminiscent of vermouth and bitters, enriched by the hops sensations of Baladin 4.8 beer The palate is bitter and then leaves room for citrus notes of quinotto, hot spice, alpine herbs and mace.
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Beer Hugo Birrificio Baladin
This Beer Cocktail has a clear, straw-yellow and, at times, brilliant color. On the nose are persistent floral and sweet notes while on the palate persist notes of elder, lavender, peppermint, typical of Piedmont, then to finish with bitter and citrus notes. Baladin’s Beer Cocktail is also enriched with hoppy notes.
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Beermouth & Tonic Birrificio Baladin
The Beermouth & Tonic Cocktail of the Baladin Brewery has a pale yellow color, with almost orange reflections. The nose recalls pleasing and fragrant deep notes, harmonious and elegant. To the taste, the delicate notes slightly bitter alternate with fresh notes of citrus peel. The finish is persistent and balanced.
€4.20 €3.78

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Beermouth with cylinder case Birrificio Baladin
Beermouth is an innovative product and, at the same time, it is strongly inspired by tradition. It results from the combination between a beer with a strong personality and structure and a mix of very carefully selected (and very secret) spices and herbs, extracted using the most advanced techniques.
€32.90 €29.61

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April 20, 2020 00:00

Baladin una garanzia

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Birra buona come quasi tutta la gamma Baladin.

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Birra leggera e buonissima

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February 9, 2016 00:00

Ottimo prodotto

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