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La Luna del Rospo

La Luna del Rospo

Wines Barbera, Nebbiolo for Monferrato Rosso, Grignolino and Cortese made in the canons of biodiversity.

Luna del Rospo isan organic winery in Piedmont, in the Asti province at Agliano Terme, the most important area for Barbera d’Asti production.

Luna del Rospo pays great attention to a more complete biodiversity, as alive as possible. In order to obtain high quality in the glass a synchronicity of many factors is needed, among which care for the environment is a fundamental aspect.

Today La Luna del Rospo spans almost 8 hectares of vineyards, all cultivated following strict rules of organic and biodynamic farming.

The vineyards, all with vines older than forty years, alternate with and are surrounded by trees, bushes, plants and aromatic woods. This is not only a beautiful sight to see, but also more importantly it functions as shelter, protection and food for the friendly flora and fauna, that help to protect and care for the vine, to produce high quality and liveliness.

All the grapes are grown according to the strictest organic farming methods. They are harvested, carefully selected by hand and placed in small baskets. Following is a light pressing with removal of the stems. Vinification takes place naturally without added yeasts to guarantee as authentic and natural a product as possible. In the process, the phases of the moon are followed and natural physical techniques are favored over chemical ones. All of this is done respecting a product that is as alive, healthy and as typical as possible.