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July 9, 2019 00:00

una birra ottima con un grado alcolico non elevato

December 22, 2016 00:00


July 2, 2019 00:00


September 15, 2016 00:00

A noi piace molto, abbastanza leggera

February 10, 2016 00:00

Eccellente! Tra le birre artigianali provate fino ad ora per me rimane la numero 1!

January 30, 2017 00:00


April 20, 2017 00:00

Buona birra sia da pasto che da meditazione.

September 12, 2016 00:00

Prodotto di eccellenza

July 13, 2016 00:00


April 12, 2020 00:00


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Super Bitter in Lattina Birrificio Baladin
The Beer Super Bitter in can is a Belgian Strong Amber Ale, amber beer with persistent foam. The nose has fruity and enveloping notes while on the palate stand out herbaceous and citrus notes of hops. One of the peculiarities of this beer, even if very delicate, is the peppery scent. 

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Nazionale in Lattina Birrificio Baladin
The National Beer has an intense yellow color, its aromas recall fruity, herbaceous and malty notes. On the palate, the notes of chamomile and citrus stand out in perfect balance with the delicate bitterness of Italian hops.The National Beer is the first beer 100% Italian.

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Rock n Roll in a Can 33cl Birrificio Baladin
A beer where the freshness and the wise use of pepper are combined with the scents and the amaricate of hops in a crescendo "musical" really "drink'n'roll" that we are sure will gather around him a large group of "aficionados".

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Pop Baladin Beer in a Can Birrificio Baladin
With a white foam and a golden colour, this Pop beer was created by Teo Musso as an idea of ​​providing a quality beer in a different container: the can. It thus makes an excellent product, easier to use. This Baladin beer is made with Mosaic and Cascade quality flowering hops, produced in Italy. The herbaceous hints given by this hop go well with the malty taste.
€3.20 €2.89

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Che Belle Gose - birra Gose salata 33 cl Birrificio Civale
Che Belle Gose beer is inspired by Leipzig’s salty beers. It is produced by adding white and pink salt. The alcohol content is 4.8% and the color is a light blond, with fine-grained white foam. Salt is appreciated from the first sips, but it is never intrusive, while the aroma is characterized by floral notes and coriander.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Nazionale Gluten free 33 cl Birrificio Baladin
Only when sipped, Nazionale Gluten Free shows a few minor differences in the interplay between individual tastes, due to the addition of rice - used to reduce the gluten component - which adds a dry note to the chamomile. The result is a fine balance with the moderate bitterness of Italian hops, harvested in our own fields and grown directly by Birrificio Baladin. A clean beer that is easy to drink and will satisfy those who want to drink well.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days