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Produttori del Barbaresco

Produttori del Barbaresco

The Produttori del Barbaresco social winery uses only the best grapes from the wine growers to produce wine only Barbaresco of excellence.

The actual cooperative vinery of Produttori del Barbaresco was founded in 1958 and is well known as one of the most prestigious winery of the area. Its history, tightly bound to the history of wine, is very old.

1894 is a fundamental date for Barbaresco. In that year Domizio Cavazza headmaster of the Royal Oenological School of Alba and resident in Barbaresco, created the “Catine Sociali di Barbaresco” for the “production of luxury and every day wines”. He gathered nine producers and started to produce wine and name it as the village itself: Barbaresco.

It was already clear that the Nebbiolo grapes grew at Barbaresco had different characteristic but Cavazza was the first one who recognized such peculiarity in the label. 1894 is the official date of birth of Barbaresco wine.

The first Cantina Sociale was closed during the fascist period. In 1958, when the difficulties left by the war were over, Don Fiorino, parson of Barbaresco, gathered once again the producers of the village and founded “Produttori del Barbaresco” vinery for the “qualification and guarantee of Barbaresco”.  “Produttori del Barbaresco” has now 52 members and own around 100 hectares of vineyards with Nebbiolo grapes. The “Produttori del Barbaresco” produces exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes and hold with its vineyard a big part of the historical “crus” of the area.