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Relanghe realizes soft and crumbly nougat with only Piedmont hazelnuts IGP.

Alba, 1993. Some entrepreneurs from Alba, passionate about local gourmet excellent products, decided to realize a dream, recovering a unique chapter of the history of confectionery, giving birth to the nougat factory Relanghe.
The Piedmont hazelnut I.G.P, rounded, smooth and plump with and intense aroma, is the secret of the Relanghe’s products and of its undisputed symbol : the Torrone Friabile (crumbly nougat) rigorously with Piedmont Hazelnut I.G.P.
To obtain a really fantastic Torrone the quality of the hazelnut is not enough, and the entire process of manufacturing that lead to the final product is fundamental: a masterpiece toasting, the Piedmontese wildflowers honey, the brown sugar worked in pureness, the slow and careful cooking, the stretching of the dough entirely performed by hand in wooden moulds that contribute to confer to the Torrone the right crunchiness.
We worked exclusively the Piedmontese Hazelnut I.G.P., also known as Gentle Rounded Trilobite, a fine resource of our region.  The Gentle Rounded is the most appreciated for its roundedness, taste and excellent aroma after toasting, high peelability and good preservation.