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Riso Acquerello

Riso Acquerello

Acquerello Carnaroli Rice: research, experience, tradition and innovation are the basic ingredients of the unique quality of this large rice.

The acquerello rice is considered one of the best in the world. Organoleptic perfection, quality and excellent cooking resistance. These are the characteristics that make the Acquerello rice a synonym of Italian excellence.
In the processing of the fine quality “Carnaroli Extra” nothing is left to chance. The fundamental characteristic of the manufacturing process is the ageing of the cereal still rough, that will be refined and reunite with its bud just in a second step. Today the Acquerello is the only rice to be processed with the helix, a machine that guarantees the respect of the tradition and the maintenance of the organoleptic features of the product. The slowness and the naturalness with which the rice is aged ensure an incomparable cooking resistance and make this rice perfect for any dish or preparation.
Every phases of the manufacturing of the Acquerello rice are performed in full respect of the surrounding habitat, according to the company’s philosophy.
The Carnaroli rice is proposed in elegant vacuum sealed cans, able to preserve all the properties of the cereals and make them being rediscovered on your table.