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La Valverbe is a splendid combination of the ancient herbal tradition and advanced research into new production technologies.

In an architectural jewel, which integrates perfectly with the surrounding mountain environment, Valverbe is born, which thanks to its innovative process, produces organic herbal teas rich in aromas and flavors

It was born in 1985 in Bellino, an uncontaminated place at 1500 meters above sea level in the upper Val Varaita, a jewel of alpine architecture, where man and nature find the right balance in respect of each other. Dedicated to the cultivation, drying and transformation of officinal plants from organic farming, it is now based in Melle.

Particularly known for its “mountain herbal teas”, Valverbe - a cooperative agricultural company - operates according to a logic of supply chain which, unique in the sector, goes from cultivation to the finished product packaged in filters. The herbs - organic, GMO-free and fresh from harvest - are dried with an innovative "open cell" system that deprives them of water but preserves the cell membrane and with it the active ingredients, aroma and fragrance: a revolution compared to the traditional system, with results that can be seen and felt! The dried herbs, in fact, when they are rehydrated, swell and tend to regain the turgor of the fresh plant, thus creating the optimal conditions for an effective extraction process when preparing the herbal tea.