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Vignaioli di Santo Stefano

Vignaioli di Santo Stefano

The best Moscato wine.

With a sort of metaphorical return to the origins, Bruno and Marcello Ceretto in 1976, founded in collaboration with two partners (Sergio Santi and Scavino’s brothers) I Vignaioli of Santo  Stefano, exactly in the native land of their father Riccardo.

A new challenge that set its goal in reaffirming the quality of a wine that was made too commercial and poor by the massive production of the local factories. The company owns 25 hectares and rents Tenuta San Maurizio, of the Earl Carlo Vittorio Incisa Beccaria, a fine hillside area of 16 hectares in the county of Santo Stefano Belbo. Careful and limited pruning, balanced fertilization, thinning of the bunches and sorting during harvesting are the  foundations on which is based the work in the vineyard, while decanting, clarification and minimum filtration are the hinges of the cellar processing, to guarantee and enhance the aromatic asset of the grape. Once the product is consolidated, the efforts are focused on the image, with a change in the type of bottle and the label which includes a half moon for Pavese remembrance.