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Gran Kinara 1 kg Fattorie Fiandino in Piemonte
Gran Kinara is a hard cheese with vegetable rennet, without preservatives, without lysozyme, but above all without lactose. The Fiandino Farms were the first in the world to have introduced the Kinara method that involves the use of the flowers of Cynara cardunculus, a common wild thistle that grows spontaneously even in the Piedmontese mountains and is able to transform into true vegetable rennet. The use of rennet, especially vegetable rennet, contributes significantly to the "zero lactose" of Gran Kinara and to provide original and pleasing organoleptic characteristics. The result is a cheese digestible even by those who do not tolerate lactose, with an inimitable taste and scent! Now in 1KG size!

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Terre Alfieri Arneis 2020 Cantina Terre dei Santi
The Arneis vine prefers to live in hilly areas and from the climate and soil of Piedmont. From its fruit a fruity and floral wine is created, with a straw yellow color and a fresh taste.

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Barolo DOCG Marcenasco 2017 Renato Ratti
Barolo DOCG Marcenasco is soft, balanced, elegant and reflects the typical characteristics of the La Morra area. It comes from the vineyards located around the Annunziata Abbey called, historically, Marcenasco.Glory of old Piedmont, it is a wine suitable for long aging, absolute master of the canteen.It conquers the palate with strength, harmony and fullness and keeps it in its power for a long time.

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Barolo D.O.C.G Wine Sauce with Italian Sausage Tartuflanghe
Tasty meat sauce prepared using Piemontese meat of high quality and genuine vegetables. The line of sauces Tartuflanghe produces was honoured in 2011 by Paul Golosario Massobrio.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Basil and Tomato sauce Fonterosa
From the pulp of the tomatoes grown and ripened under the sun on our hills, together with the basil, we obtain this particularly tasty and delicious sauce.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

White Truffle Seasoning Powder Tartuflanghe
Freeze-dried product in a useful doser, to use as a finish. Use it as a spice to enrich your recipes or to create tasty sauces and condiments.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

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