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Pasta Rey

Pasta Rey

Directly from the Monferrato heart, the history of Italian pasta, since 1851.

The history of the Pastificio Rey has distant roots, it was born in 1851 as a small artisan workshop in the center of a small town, San Damiano D'Asti. Thanks to its strength, the quality of its product and the ability to adapt to changes in tastes, the pasta factory has managed to overcome the various historical paths reaching up to today. In order to improve the service given to customers and always guarantee a product up to quality standards, the Pastificio Rey decided to start from the base and create a controlled supply chain from the field to the finished product and in September 2013 Rey acquired a mill that allows to satisfy the qualitative and quantitative needs of semolina.

The Pastificio Rey is the result of a long history linked to craftsmanship. Since 1985, after the entry into force of the safety rules for energy and machinery, he has chosen to continue producing quality pasta rather than adapting to the large quantity market. The production respects the highest quality and production standards, starting from the cultivation of wheat up to the finished product.