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Cascina Fonda

Cascina Fonda

This winery is dedicated to the production of grapes from Muscat

Cascina Fonda born in 1963 thanks to Secondino Barbero and its long term experience in the winemaking field. In 1988 the sons Massimo and Marco started to bottle the wine, focusing on Moscato grapes, and they will reach the aim of pressing the entire amount of grapes in 1991. Their passion is dedicated to the sweet flavour that characterizes the Moscato grapes which is valorised by the Barbero’s brothers in the Moscato d’Asti and Asti Spumante. This “sweet passion” allowed Cascina Fonda to invest on these wines that born on the hills located between Mango and Neive, a land that gives a unique product.  Barbero’s brothers are dedicated to other types of wine as well, and they produce Dolcetto, Barbaresco and Brachetto.

From 1995 to 2000 a new cellar was designed and developed with great attention to the logistic of the Moscato winemaking.

Massimo and Marco Barbero keep working to preserve the quality that found the production of their wines signed as Cascina Fonda. The premises consist of modern and functional rooms where the Barbero’s brothers produce different types of wine, following the appropriate methods to protect the quality which marks the bottles of Cascina Fonda.

In the room of the winemaking, advanced technology machineries are used for the Moscato production, which requires a cold working process where the coldness have to be constant.  The quality obtained thanks to the great attention to all the phases of the working process is an essential factor in the philosophy adopted by Cascina Fonda.