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Also specialists in biological products, using only top-quality raw-materials: Bio Honey,Bio Fruit Jams, Bio Fruit-juices, Bio Green Tea and Tisane, Bio Honey Vinegar, Bio Tomato Sauces.

A story that begins with honey and expands to other high quality food ideas, without ever forgetting quality and respect for the environment.

From the beginning of the 1950’s, the Brezzo family has dedicated themselves to the harvesting, working and the commercialization of honey. Initially the production of the honey was monoflora, but through the following generations passed to a more ample and different alimentary specialization of quality.

All their products are still obtained today using the artisan methods, starting with the top-quality raw-materials, their finality is to always propose a product which at the same time is good, healthy, genuine, in respect of the best Italian gastronomic traditions.

For several years the Brezzo family wanted to dedicate themselves to a biological range, which rappresents today an important and appreciated reality. Today the Apicoltura Brezzo produces the following biological products: Biological Honey, Bio Fruit Jams, Bio Fruit juices, Bio Green Tea and Tisane, Bio Honey Vinegar, Bio Tomato Sauces.