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Guido Gobino

Guido Gobino

With its Gianduiotti and hand-made chocolate, Guido Gobino is considered today one of the most important artisan chocolate, nationally and internationally.

The Gianduiotti and the chocolate of Guido Gobino are characterized by a careful selection of raw materials, thanks to the control of the production process, the research of new flavors while respecting the tradition and with the accurate design of the packaging.
Turin 1964, Giuseppe Gobino, Guido's father, entered into the laboratory in quality of Responsible of Production. He became the only owner in 1980, when he started a deep process of specialization and research in the chocolate sector, privileging the typical products from Turin such as the Giandujotto, the spreadable Gianduja cream and the chocolate with hazelnuts. The family tradition is renewed at the beginning of the 1990's, when really started the entrepreneur adventure of Guido Gobino that will bring him in a very short time to invent new products while enhancing the most traditionally bound chocolates of Turin territory: the gianduiotti. This is how was created the project " Artisanal Laboratory of Giandujotto", meant to realize, with the characteristic method of extrusion, the classic Gianduiotto, the Giandujottino Tourinot, the Tourinot Maximo and many more specialties. The years from 2009 to 2011 are years of important honors mentions. The Chocolate Company gives to Guido Gobino the prize "Golden Table" in three different categories in 2011, the Academy of Chocolate of London gives to the company a new and important award: the Bronze Award in the category "Best Hot Chocolate" with the "Natural Soluble Prep".