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Cordero 1958 - Italian Passion

Cordero 1958 - Italian Passion

A quality product, without compromise, at the base of a healthy diet.

The Cordero company tells a story of passion, the "Italian passion" for the land and the fruits it gives us, if wisely worked. In 1958, from the hands of his grandfather Luigi, the Cordero mill was born: they began to grind grains destined for artisan bread-making for the local territory. For three generations to date, with the passing of the baton to his nephew Gabriele, the mill has continued to grow by updating the activity to the reality of today.
The Italian passion for good food is transformed into products such as polenta, rice, pulses, fine grains and pasta, organic and whole-grain products, sweet snacks for a just break, panettone for the holidays and ready-to-eat and speedy-rice products for those who don't wants to give up a healthy meal outside the home!