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Mulino Marino

Mulino Marino

Il Mulino Mulino Marino is the oldest of the Langhe and performs the milling of the cereals in natural stone. In this way, the Flour Mill Marino are the finest and most genuine of Piedmont.

Felice Marino fall in love with miller profession around the mid 50’s. He bought an old mill in Langhe area, at Cossano Belbo, starting the activity. He taught to his sons and grandsons to cultivate this beautiful and ancient craft.
Devoted to the bio-agriculture, to the wellness of the environment and following a healthy living philosophy, they produce genuine and sophisticated flours.
With the use of first rate raw materials and a slow grinding process with natural stone, they keep alive the flour with the entire set of fibre, vitamins and micronutrients that the nature inserted in the grain of wheat.
The Mulino delle Langhe consist of three millstones powered by solar energy. This grinding methods is a true work of art and, as all the other forms of art, requires a lot of passion and experience.
The values that found the daily work of the Mulino Marino guys are: the taste of the flour, its fragrance and above all its digestibility.