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Marina Marcarino over twenty years following the production of Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo and new grappa, Punset company making use of organic farming certification National Ecocert Italy.

The Punset Winery is located in the village of Neive, in the Piemonte district of Italy. The “azienda agricola”  lays up  on  a hill  which faces  the  old  town. The Winery’s name PUNSET comes from the Piedmont’s dialect and history, which says that the Counts of Neive gave this nickname to the roundish peak they could see from their castle, where the winery and vineyards are today. Its vineryards, of a shape of 20 hectars, lays in the Neive Crus of S. Cristoforo and Basarin.

Today the winery is run by Marina Marcarino, who is one of a few female wine makers which first started this activity in Piemonte ; she  is making the winery one of the top producers of the area.

The property, has been owned by the Marcarino family for many years: it was about year 1964 that the Punset winery decided to sell its wines in shops and restaurants. Up to this period the wines were made only for family use.

Over the 40 years that the winery has been marketing their products, they have developed methods and philosophy of making excellent wines at reasonable prices.

Marina’s goal is to make pleasant and balanced wines, paying particular attention to the relation between texture, tannins and aromas. She believes that only a very strict relation between these three characters makes a wine pleasant and drinkable.

A second peculiarity of Punset is wine realising at the right time. This combines totally with organic thinking of a leaving product. As a wine is alive, it has its own times and there is not a rule to bottle or realize it on the market.

For this reason Punset Barbaresco is always on the market later than other producer’s wines of the same area.

The Punset brand is becoming well known also thanks to specialized journalists of books and magazines. Many awards and recognition have been given to those wines lately and at least one of our Punset wine is awarded by important writers annually.