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Distilleria Beccaris

Distilleria Beccaris

Since 1951 the Grappa that stands out.

Distilleria Beccaris was born almost thanks to a game of prestige: in 1951 the founder Cav. Uff. Elio Beccaris, undecided whether to start a distillery, a cellar or a vinegar factory, made the decision to his son Carlo, then a few months old, making him fish three cards from a hat! From here, the history of a serious company starts, such as craftsmanship and passion from which great quality originates.

The magic of casa Beccaris begins every end of summer with the choice of pomace from the lower Langa and the first hills of Monferrato; then all the stages of distillation, aging and preparation of the bottles. The house specialty is undoubtedly the Distillery's "workhorse" muscat grappa.

Despite the expansion, the Beccaris Distillery has not lost its character as a family-run company. The grappaiola art transmitted by the founder Elio to his son Carlo, who now runs the company, with the same care and passion is carried out by his sons Marco and Paolo, already actively present in the company with innovative ideas extended to the design of bottles and labels.