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August 1, 2021 00:00


November 16, 2020 00:00

molto buono

August 16, 2021 00:00

Molto gustosa

September 23, 2019 00:00


March 3, 2020 00:00


August 11, 2019 00:00

Una delizia per il palato!

August 5, 2019 00:00


November 13, 2019 00:00


November 29, 2017 00:00

molto buono, perfetto

September 23, 2016 00:00

ottimo prodotto

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tomatoes Tondi Gustarosso
Tondini tomatoes from Gustarosso are grown in the hills and are probably the most loved cherry tomatoes in the world.They are suitable for the preparation of any type of sauce and are very versatile as a condiment or side dish.The Tondini di Gustarosso cherry tomatoes are collected and processed immediately, to preserve all the freshness that can make any dish different.This product stands out in fact for the quality of the raw material used, and for the processing that takes place in full respect of nature and the environment.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Tomato paste Gustarosso
The Gustarosso tomato sauce will make you discover all the flavor and aroma of ripe tomato, typical of Naples.It is a decidedly versatile product, excellent base for any sauce, meat fish or light vegetables, also perfect for seasoning pizza.Only the best tomatoes go into the Gustarosso bottles!

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Peeled Tomatoes 100% Italian Gustarosso
The Bio seived tomatoes are a Mediterreanean tradition, using only Italian biological tomatoes. The tomatoes are wholesome and tasty with a very low acid content.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Datterino tomato Gustarosso
Datterino tomatoes are sweet and flavourful and have an elongated “date” shape, hence the name.The cooperative Dani Coop follows every step of the production process - from the provision of plants to the partners to the support during the growth and harvest stages. This sort of tomato is suitable for all preparations.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Costoluto Tomato sauce Campisi Conserve
This sauce is a new novelty, a decisive but delicate taste at the same time, ideal for a more acustomed palates.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Peeled Tomatoes Organic Gustarosso
Gustarosso organic peeled tomatoes follow the entire organic farming process.The fields of the organic tomato Gustarosso are in Southern Italy, in Puglia. The tomato is collected, peeled and canned together with organic tomato juice.

Available, delivery time 1-3 days