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Pasticceria Scagline

Pasticceria Scagline

The products Scagline as the Panettone, hazelnut cakes, cupcakes Sandamianesi, kisses Checkers and pastes Meliga are all made ​​by hand with great skill and care in the past.

Indicated by the Piedmont Region as one of the artisan excellence.
In 1974 Giuseppe Scagline opened his bar-patisserie in the historical centre of San Damiano d’Asti. In order to satisfy the need of a greater production decided to move the venue in Via Garibaldi. After many years he left his laboratory to Secondo and Gianpaolo, the best among his apprentices that left untouched the artisan nature of the production. After thirty years since its opening, the Scagline products are still created with the same care and with the wise mastery of the past.
The quality of the ingredients is always at the first place in terms of values, conjugating tradition with innovative research. This is the recipe that made this artisan lab a reference point for gourmands and connoisseurs of the desserts, ensuring a true mastery and the right alchemy of flavours to the most exigent palate. The usual choice of the best raw materials, the direct link between the realization of the product and the selling to the customer gave an additional flavour to the products, ensuring authenticity and high quality.