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The ingredients of Ponteballerine honey are the nature, the industriousness of the bees and the healthy passion inherited from his grandfather Eugenio. Nothing else.

The  agrarian beekeeping society Ponteballerine has been founded by Eugenio Carlvero in 1940’s and is located in the territory of San Damiano d’Asti, a typical village in Alfieri Hills.
This company was born firstly as hobby and now is led by Cesare and his family, whose are still faithful to the traditional techniques for the manufacturing of this fine product.
The history of the company has been  always linked to the constant research of locations characterized by an untouched nature. The ingredients of their honey are nature, bees’ laboriousness and the true passion inherited by grandfather Eugenio. Nothing more than that.
Nowadays the company is an important beekeeping reality in the province of Asti e counts 500 hives scattered in the most well suited areas of Piedmont, were the finest blooms take place.